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V-seriers Panic with nativ ?




In my lab I have an old V3140. After attached a shelf DS14 - yes on wrong ports 🙂 fc-non-array-adapter was on 0a,0c and shelf goes on 0b,0d - the controllers paniced. After removal of natic shelf one of controllers able to reboot, but the another has a (for me) never seen panic message:


PANIC: pmap_mapdev: Couldn't alloc kernel virtual memory

version: NetApp Release 8.0.1: Wed Jan  5 17:23:51 PST 2011

cpuid = 0

Uptime: 48s

coredump: primary dumper unavailable.

coredump: trying secondary dumper...

no tftp server ip specified

netdump: no targets available to dump

coredump: secondary dumper failed -1.

System halting...

cpu_reset called on cpu#0


anybody any idee? why is it here, how-to deal with?




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