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V3240 to Dell ML6000 Tape Robot via SAS


I have been asked to investigate the possiblity of connecting our Dell ML6000 LTO-5 tape drives directly to the V3240 storage.  The tape drives are SAS and I have open SAS ports on the NetApp.  First of all, is this possible and secondly does anyone know of any documentation on how to pull this off?



Re: V3240 to Dell ML6000 Tape Robot via SAS

Use the support matrix to check drive compatibility... http://support.netapp.com/matrix/mtx/login.do;jsessionid=1FA96463DA44D89DDB9002903C31FA0B?

sample attached for SAS and ONTAP 8.2 7-Mode...

If on the matrix all good.  For the tape robot, that is pass through and is dependent on the backup software...so need to check your ndmp vendor for that library but likely no issue there for support.

Re: V3240 to Dell ML6000 Tape Robot via SAS


Thanks for all of the good info.  It looks like using the tape drives we have and NetBackup 7.5 is supported.  If anyone has any info on setting up this configuration, that would be greatly appreciated.



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