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VIF creation and VLAN configuration


Hello community

I've a question regarding network configuration with FAS3270 running 7 mode 8.1 DOT version

We have a VIF (2 ports 1GbE) configured in a VLAN with an IP address 172.13.X.X , what we want to do is to create another VIF ( 2 ports 10GbE) and configure this new VIF in same VLAN as 1GbE VIF

but with different IP address 172.14.X.X

Do you know if this kind of configuration is possible and could work?

Thank for your input and advices



Re: VIF creation and VLAN configuration

2 VIF with different IP and same VLAN tag is possible.
Do you have any concern about this configuration? Please tell us if any.

Re: VIF creation and VLAN configuration



We want to move NFS Volumes from 1GbE to a brand new 10 GBE network

So the idea is create a new VIF (10 Gb) in the same VLAN but with new IP (it's a request from our network team)

Then move NFS volumes 

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