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VMware Virtual Machine total disk latency


I recently migrated all of my VMware LUNs from an IBM XIV to an 8020 and now I am getting 'Virtual machine total disk latency' alerts from VMware. I did not get these when running on XIV.


I am monitoring my 8020 with the OnCommand Plugin for Microsoft in SCOM and I'm not getting any latency alerts from SCOM.


'statistics start -sample-id lun_stats -object lun' is showing LUN latency in microseconds, so there doesn't appear to actually be a performance issue with the 8020. 


Is there some tuning I need to do in VMware (I have VSC installed), or are these VMware alerts just unreliable? If so, any thoughts on why they were occuring with the XIV?


Re: VMware Virtual Machine total disk latency


could be this?


otherwise, maybe openning a case is a better solution?

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