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Volume and Lun creation resize.


Hello . I am going to create an aggregate with volume and a lun .My question is shall i give the volume the maximum space and to the lun the space i will be using ?Can i increase the lun space afterwards if needed ?

Lets say i got 10Tb of space shall i make 10 tb of volume and 6 tb the lun .

Thanks in advance.


Re: Volume and Lun creation resize.




It is always easy to increase volume space compare to increasing lun size. My suggestion would be, for starting, keep the volume size nearly same as lun size until you need some extra space for snapshot. 

Yes, you can increase lun size any time but increasing lun size is not as simple as increasing volume size and whenever you increase lun size you should increase file system size (in lun) from host side where lun is mapped. 



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