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What is PVR (in tape device connection)


I'm trying to figure out if tape device can connect to FAS 2050 filer via SAS interface. I checked the hardware configuration and saw LTO 5 can connect to FAS2050 via FC and SAS by PVR. Anyone know what is PVR?

I know on FAS2050, there is a SAS adapter (X2062A-R6) used for disk shelf. But per tape device information:


IBM LTO 5 Ultrium7.3.2 (Configuration file - password required)FC-Qlogic, SAS by PVR


I suppose that X2062A can be used to connect LTO5. But I can't find explanation of PVR. Is that something bound with LTO?

Thanks in advance!

Sha Haijiang


Re: What is PVR (in tape device connection)

PVR means a special 'formal' process of your system configuration checking and approving by NetApp's engineers.

Re: What is PVR (in tape device connection)


PVR = Product Validation Request, means your local netapp sales representative as well as your netapp technical engineer needs to get your configuration individualy approved & certifed.

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