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What is the aggr usable capacity for FAS9000




Can anybody have an idea what would be the usable space for root aggregate for FAS9000 with 3 disks. Actually it is varying from synergy report.


And also i have a difference in data aggregate usbale space also from synergy and my system,


Aggregate     Size Available Used% State   #Vols  Nodes    

--------- -------- --------- ----- ------- ------ ---------------- ------------

aggr1 119.1TB 119.1TB 0% online  0 node-01   raid_dp,


root 1.40TB 69.37GB 95% online   1 node-01   raid_dp,


synergy report: - attached


root aggr usable : 1.61 TB

data aggr usable: 130.98 TB 



Why is this differnce, I suspect synergy has a bug. 

Can anybody calculare manually.


Write capacity of disk is 1.63TB


Thanks in advance! 


Re: What is the aggr usable capacity for FAS9000


Synergy is calculating space using Base 2 while the FAS9000 is calculating space using Base 10.  TiB vs TB


You can toggle this in Synergy under settings.


Explanation here:  http://www.diskview.com/disk-size-discrepancy.htm 

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