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Wrong Disk sizes



I may have posted this question in the wrong forum, so apologies if you see a double.


I had a raid group with 11 900gb drives, and i've added 5 600gb drives by mistake. Is there any way to replace those 600 gb drives with 900gb. I have plenty of spares. Both parity disks are 900gb disks. I've tried replacing but the new 900gb disk became 600gb. Will it regain the free space if i replace the reset of the 600gb disks?  If this is not possible is there any free space loss, i think overtime performance will suffer after the 600gb disks run out of space? Thank you.


Re: Wrong Disk sizes


hi @LeoL 

unfortunately there is no way to replace the 600 GB drives with 900 GB ones and use the full size, as you have seen a disk replace from 600 GB to 900 GB will complete but the usable space in the disk will be left at 600 GB since that's the RAID space allocated now.
You will need to evacuate all data from the aggregate, destroy it, and recreate it with the correct amount/type of disks.

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Re: Wrong Disk sizes


Thanks maffo, i opened a duplicate ticket by mistake.  Thank you for your input i'll mark this one as resolved and continue using the other thread. Here is the link in case you'd like to take a look. Thanks again for responding.



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