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X1160A-R6 lying around ?


Who has some X1160A-R6 lying around and wanting to get rid of it.

I bought myself a 2240-2 for a home lab , i'm looking now for the 10gb Mezzani card.

Who can help me with it.




Re: X1160A-R6 lying around ?


Good luck - they're up there with hens teeth.


If you're just using it for a lab, you can use the 1G connections for cluster interconnect.

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Re: X1160A-R6 lying around ?


Hi , Thats  what I ofcourse also saw so I was just hoping for someone to decommision the sistem and planning to put it at the garbage or something. I always learned if you don't ask , people don't know that you are looking for something that is invaluable to them but valuable to others.


I already thought the interconnect would also work on 1 gigabit. Unfortuanatly not able to test yet as the system is curently running on 8.1.4 7-Mode and I'm still trying to convince netapp to put it in my name and transfer the license to me and convert it to a 8.3 license key.

As soon as I have that I can start enjoying my HA lab.  Smiley Very Happy



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