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I have a partner who wants to size the storage from a STK storage array (PVR in progress)

The V-series will be synchronous  snapmirrored with another NetApp controller

ZCS is not a best practice but Is still supported I guess. Do we have to use BCS or ZCS is ok ? at a general manner and in this particular case (snapmirror sync)

They didn’t expect to have 12,5% checksum

Thanks for your answer



Re: ZCS vs BCS

This is something that should really be discussed with your SE or sales team.  The PVR should specify what type of checksum you are intending to use, and the checksum type is going to be dependent on the array type and workload the storage is going to be performing.  I'm not familiar with STK arrays so there may be limitations that would prevent you from using ZCS with STK.  ZCS is not supported for use with deduplication so this is something to consider as well.  BCS can provide better performance for random I/O workloads, and ZCS for sequential I/O, however that discussion should be had with the sales team which has a more intimate knowledge of your environment.

Re: ZCS vs BCS


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