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Zeroing disks during initial installation


We have a FAS3020 that we want to reinstall. I used CTL+C to enter the special options menu, and select 4a to create a FlexVol and new file system. I was asked to zero all the disks, it took several hours. When I got back, the console was at the prompt of asking for new host name, but doesn't take any keyboard input. The only choice I got is to hit the power button and start over. When I chose 4a again, the system still wanted to zero all the disks, again. After several more hours, the console stuck at the same screen.

I am not sure if there is any hardware issue, (this unit has not been in production for years), or the console stopped responding simply because there is no input for too long. Disconnecting and reconnecting gave me nothing. Zeroing disks takes too long, there is no way I can sit in front of it the whole time. Is there a way of skipping this process? Repeatedly zeroing the same dsiks sounds silly.


Re: Zeroing disks during initial installation


You shouldn't have to go through 4a again.  If the zeroing completed, and it got all the way to the setup prompts, a power cycle should find a root vol and boot from it.  As for it freezing up, the fact it doesn't freeze up until that screen would lead me to believe it's more likely your system than the filer.  It could be a hardware issue, but I'd expect you'd see it far sooner if that were the case.

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Re: Zeroing disks during initial installation


Normal boot works. You are right. Thanks!

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