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add 15K RPM disks to a volume that has 10K disks



Ww have a FAS 270 filer with DO 7.0.1 and we need more disks to add to the filer.

Can we add 15k RPM disks to a volume that has 10k disks ?

I know this is available in current product (though not recommended), just want to be sure for FAS270.

Please suggest.



Yes it possible and yes you're right not recommended, but now days with only 15krpm disks available do we really have a choice , for these older systems.

Have a look at http://now.netapp.com/NOW/knowledge/docs/ontap/rel80/html/ontap/smg/GUID-BE0475EA-4BB1-4544-ADC8-B0EADAB6C2D3.html for various parameters.

Recommend you upgrade your DOT also a your lastest supported version is possible.




But i do not see the options as mentioned in the link

pcnfsd.enable                off

pcnfsd.umask                 22

raid.background_disk_fw_update.enable on

raid.disk.copy.auto.enable   on

raid.media_scrub.enable      on

raid.media_scrub.rate        600

raid.media_scrub.spares.enable on

raid.reconstruct.perf_impact medium

raid.reconstruct.wafliron.enable on

raid.resync.perf_impact      medium

raid.scrub.duration          360

raid.scrub.enable            on

raid.scrub.perf_impact       low


raid.timeout                 24

raid.verify.perf_impact      low

rlm.setup                    off

Hi Ranil

This is because of the rather old ontap version you are running. In order to get the new disks recognised, you will need to update at least the "disk qualification" file. I'd also recommend you to do a Ontap upgrade (which then includes the disk qualification). And also the options will appear with the new ontap.


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