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Talk and ask questions about NetApp FAS series unified storage systems and V-Series storage virtualization controllers. Discuss with other members how to optimize these powerful data storage systems.

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We have a 2650 with 48 disks,   4 SSD (400G) as flash pool and 44 SAS (900G) disks split in 2 aggregates 21 to each aggregate with max raidsize of 21. ...read more
Hi everyone,   Please do me a favour, some informations as below. Background: One of our installbase customer who planing to replace to IPv6 Network(c ...read more
Merge to here:  Question About IPv4-IPv6 Dual Stack
Hi TIM,   please help me... I have a DL380G8 server connected to Netapp FAS 8020 Cluster modewhen add host is not detected using FC cable directly to ...read more
Hi all,   I have a 4 node cluster with FAS8020HA (node1, node2) and FAS2552HA(node3, node4) controllers in my lab. The FAS8020 has a shelf with 2 volu ...read more
We are seeing lots of performance issue from one week especially read latency on filers and one of the volume. Volume size is approx 9TB and many appl ...read more
Hello, We have volumes with XDP snapmiror relationship. (ontap 9.3) when we resize the source volume we should resize also the destination volume?  al ...read more
Hello! I have a problem with disk read/write via FC (NetAPP Fas 2552 and Vmware Dell R640). I have 2 channels FC online 8gbps - connections are ok. If ...read more
Hi,   Got a 2-node-switchless pair of 8060's on 9.1-latest.  Stacks of 4243 SAS's with IOM3's, so I can't go any farther forward on ONTAP versions yet ...read more
Hi All   Im sure this has been done before. We have an airgapped estate without an SMTP server.   Getting Autosupports is becoming a real pain histori ...read more