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Talk and ask questions about NetApp FAS series unified storage systems and V-Series storage virtualization controllers. Discuss with other members how to optimize these powerful data storage systems.

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Hi all,   we have FAS2620 that comes with 12 disk (2TB).  During the installation fo the cluster the disks have been partitioned and have root and dat ...read more
I inheritted this FAS3270. Two controllers which I stuck in one chassis. Two 2426 shelves. Had issues migrating from 7 to cDOT but done it eventually. ...read more
Good day! Question about aggregation I have a fas 2720 with 2 controllers and 12 disks. Each controller has 6 disks.If I create aggregation: 2 aggrega ...read more
 Hi, I changed a disk on my FAS250. However, I have the following error "Insufficient spare disks". In the aggr tab, now I see two different aggr (agg ...read more
We are getting this error. Any thoughts or suggestions how to resolve the issue?     Disk Elements:Element Status Status Bytes Status Descriptions 0 [ ...read more
hi experts,   trying to connect in Centos a lun in the above mentioned storage but getting this : Sat Nov 10 13:25:42 CET [NetApp-A:scsitarget.ispfct. ...read more
Dear Community,   since we have updated some of our systems (FAS82xx, AFF A300) to Ontap 9.3P7, we see the following Errors in Messages for our (UTA2) ...read more
Hello everyone,   We are planning to extend the storage capacity of a FAS 2240-2 (Ontap 8.2.4 in 7-Mode) with 4 DS14-MK2-AT shelves.   The FAS 2240-2 ...read more
Dear all community!    I'm a newbie. I have some new Netapp FAS2620 try to convert from Dual Node configure to Single cluster node. But I don't know h ...read more
Is pass-through authentication on the road map for the ONTAP PowerShell Toolkit? Is it already available and I just don't realize it? Background: I ...read more