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Talk and ask questions about NetApp FAS series unified storage systems and V-Series storage virtualization controllers. Discuss with other members how to optimize these powerful data storage systems.

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Hi   I have a FAS2552 which came back from a temporary overseas site about 6 months ago. The config should have been wiped before it shipped, but it w ...read more
We have a FAS2554 at our DR site. When we test our DR and failover our prod site to the DR site we observe almost constant disk utilization being clos ...read more
Hi There,   We have two node FAS8020 and would like to change the IP address - mgmt, all the interfaces on the FAS8020.   Please advise whether this n ...read more
Hello,  one of our FAS8040 controllers (nmg-fas8040-02) got issues with mgwd and vifmgr services where they become unresponsive. Based on logs it took ...read more
Hello,  We had an issue today where our storage triggered fail lover between controllers. During that process our Linux based VMs went in to read-only ...read more
Hi all, What is the different between X5529A-R6 and X5526A-R6, two third party rack railings. I got following details after searching on NetApp hwu. X ...read more
If you look at the screenshot below, you can see that the aggregate na04_sata_aggr appears to be running at around about 4000 IOPS on average. But loo ...read more
Hi,   Has the installation\upgrade of the BMC ( https://mysupport.netapp.com/NOW/download/tools/serviceimage/30803872_ontap/) impact on production dat ...read more
im new on netapp and i found this error below , how can we fix it ? you r help is really appreciated   Aggregate aggr0 (failed, raid_dp, partial) (blo ...read more
HiI got myself a DS14MK2 unit with 2x FC-ATX modules & 14x 500GB SATA HDDs from work for $50, but i have no idea how to set it up.As you can tell i am ...read more