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Talk and ask questions about NetApp FAS series unified storage systems and V-Series storage virtualization controllers. Discuss with other members how to optimize these powerful data storage systems.

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Does any one know the part number of the 8TB drives these would b?   25 x disks NL-SAS of a capacity 8TB to the matrix Netapp FAS 2750   Kind Regards, ...read more
Hello,    I'll have to setup a FAS3240 7-Mode with HA. I've experience with only CDOT and unfortunately not 7-Mode.  This 7-Mode HA will be used for a ...read more
Hello! There was an emergency restart of the equipment (servers, FC switches). After that, two Windows Server 2012 servers stopped seeing LUNs that we ...read more
I'm still pretty new to NetApp so my adventures within the NetApp HWU have not been exactly fruitful. I'm trying to determine what transcievers would ...read more
Hello! Models FAS2240, FAS2552, FAS2750, which consist of two nodes (7-Mode or Cluster mode), have two power supplies.I have each power supply connect ...read more
Hi All,   Hello All,   Need a bit of help, we are planning to convert switch-less cluster (Ontap 9.5P10) to switched cluster, so customer  buy couple ...read more
Good afternoon!I have NetApp 2750 ONTAP 9.7 Cluster mode (two HA nodes: netapp03-01 and netapp03-02)When running the command "system node reboot -node ...read more
I Have a Netapp Device that is connected in a security VLAN there are not policies applied and no specials ACls etc. However, when I try to map the sh ...read more
Hi,I'm new here in the community.I don't know if the connection between the FAS / V3140 and a DS4243 is correct. Can someone help me? Here are the pic ...read more
Dear all, I am newbe in netapp. We have an FAS2020/DS14Mk2 with Ontap We shut it down 3 years ago, then running with esxi 6.0. For a small pr ...read more
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