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Talk and ask questions about NetApp FAS series unified storage systems and V-Series storage virtualization controllers. Discuss with other members how to optimize these powerful data storage systems.

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Hi All, Need to replicate data between 2 data centers . we have AF series and FAS series and both are Ontap 9.X version. below are the plan , Apprecia ...read more
Hello everyone! I recently received a used Netapp with two FAS2220 Controllers in it (I believe it is therefore called FAS2220-2 or  DS2246). I wanted ...read more
Hi I would like to monitor the power consumption of my cluster. I have found the following commazd system node environment sensors show -node * -type ...read more
Since a few years we have a FC flexarray metrocluster using 3PAR storage in the backend. Config is running smoothly for years. In the coming weeks we ...read more
Hi All,   What keys are being referred to when ONTAP (8.2.5) logs this message?   "sshd.hostKeys.null:error]: Host keys on SSH server are NULL."   Wha ...read more
Hello and thanks for having me on the thread.   I always wanted to have my own SAN and learn block level storage so I was lucky enough to acquire a de ...read more
I am upgrading the cluster switches for the models CN1610,NX5596 and Nx3132. I am looking some help in back out/downgrade plan if required
I'm in the process of upgrading my two-node cluster, running ONTAP 9.6P5. I'm doing this by adding another two nodes to it, moving all the data and LI ...read more
Hi All   We are recently receiving port status down alerts on our netapp. The ports were up before but had gone down on both the nodes at the same tim ...read more
Hi!    I'm using fabric metrocluster (fas8200) with disk-only aggregates. I want to add a FlashPool to one of the aggregates. I've read the TR-4070 an ...read more
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