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Hello,    I am a student and I am currently working on a project which include the FAS940. I have to set up this storage system but I can not find any ...read more
Hello everyone,   We are planning to extend the storage capacity of a FAS 2240-2 (Ontap 8.2.4 in 7-Mode) with 4 DS14-MK2-AT shelves.   The FAS 2240-2 ...read more
I was attempting to install the Brocade_6505_7500N_v9.1 RCF files on Brocade 6505 Fabric Switches for NetApp MetroCluster, following the official proc ...read more
We are starting the move from VMWare 5.5 to VMWare 6.7.   Is the FAS3250 we are using with VMWare 5.5 compatiable/supported for VMWare 6.7? We are run ...read more
Hi All,   When referring to the /etc/messages on 7-mode, at which point does the system log console messages about aggregate space? An aggregate has r ...read more
Hello community, I want to know how can I upgrade my version for FAS3240 from 8.1.3 to latest 9.x stable version available supported to this NetApp. I ...read more
Can I just start of by saying I only have a basic understanding of netapp so please bare with me, unfortunately our netapp admins has been signed off ...read more
Need some help with a FAS2520 2-node switchless cluster. Since some time one of the nodes appears in red (node down) in OnCommandSystemManager. Here's ...read more
FAS 2552 / cDOT 9.3 / (24)  1.2TB Drives = 12 per controller   I have wiped the system with version 9.3. I ran option 9a, destroyed all partitions and ...read more
Are there any concerns? My understanding is that it basically should be same as motherboard replacement which is supported. Of course it is necessary ...read more