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Talk and ask questions about NetApp FAS series unified storage systems and V-Series storage virtualization controllers. Discuss with other members how to optimize these powerful data storage systems.

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Hi, I am new to the NetApp world. We inherited two FAS2552 disk arrays with OnTap 8.2.3P3 7-Mode, each one contains 24 disks : 12 with a size of 600Go ...read more
We have 2 _new_ FAS8200's that need to be downgraded from ONTAP9.6 (which I believe comes as the OS) to ONTAP9.3P6 so: the first FAS8200 can be added ...read more
Hi all,   i have a strech metrocluster composed like that :  - 2 FAS 8020  - 2 DS2246 (24x900)   As this is a "strech", there is no ATTO, only many fi ...read more
Hey currently we have a running netapp FAS 25xx configured as switchless cluster connected to Juniper switch EX3300. We need to migrate the connection ...read more
Hello,   It's the first time I post on this community, I have one problem with FC and would like just have some precisions with Vmware don't see lun. ...read more
System: FAS2552OnTap: 8.2.4P5 7-ModevScan not activelocally on server only Sophos Virus Scan (for test disable) Move files within a CIFS share from su ...read more
I've seen another post in the forum regarding the installation of a new shelf on an FAS8020 which is concise and seems clear. The information doesn't ...read more
Hi,  When will it be possibly  as an options in cDOT to forwarding all cifs aditing from a SVM to a central SYSLOG host like you allready can with clu ...read more
In preparation for a production upgrade of a FAS2552 from 8.3.2P13 to 9.1P19, I wasnted to run the upgrade process in the OnTap simulator. I've done w ...read more
Hi,   I have fas9000 running ontap 9.3 . when running cli: vserver vscan on-access-policy show  I see Ploicy name default_CIFS . Is there a way to del ...read more