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Talk and ask questions about NetApp FAS series unified storage systems and V-Series storage virtualization controllers. Discuss with other members how to optimize these powerful data storage systems.

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Dear Community,   since we have updated some of our systems (FAS82xx, AFF A300) to Ontap 9.3P7, we see the following Errors in Messages for our (UTA2) ...read more
Hello .I have Netapp Fas2020 i made a volume and Lun i have present it to my File Server 2012R2 through the initiator and mounted up .Format it with R ...read more
Need to work up a procedure to move a single large (NFS) volume that resides in non-default vfiler (call it vfiler1)   Note vol move won't be suitable ...read more
Hello Guys, i had an issue with the controller of a FAS3210... since day A reboots, 1,2,3, times then took longer to boot. After review one of the pow ...read more
OpenSSH 7.4 Not Installed Multiple Vulnerabilities Device is a FAS2240-2 Version 8.2.5 7 Is this system vulnerable. Many Linux systems run an older ve ...read more
Hi Experts i need help related to cabling.   Is there any way i can gather cabling information through CLI in CDOT. E.g. i have 4 shelfs in 1 stack an ...read more
Hi All,   I'm just reviewing the FlashCache and FlashPool SE presentation (search for "SE presentation Flash Cache" on Field Portal) and I read that F ...read more
Hello, I am trying to convert an AFF (A300) HA pair of controllers into a FAS8200. We got these nodes really cheap as an add-on to a much larger purch ...read more
Hello All,   We've been receiving some critical "disk shelf fault" alert messages from an older 7-mode v3240 array and after reviewing the environment ...read more
Dear All!    I have a question about CIFS server. When I tried to configure NAS on FAS2620, i cannot create CIFS server in SVM fields required with er ...read more