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Talk and ask questions about NetApp FAS series unified storage systems and V-Series storage virtualization controllers. Discuss with other members how to optimize these powerful data storage systems.

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Hi Techies, We are planning to copy our NetApp cluster configuration backups to http we server. But, I am getting below error   405 method not allowed ...read more
Hello Dear community. Im newby for NetApp world. So appologize in advance if my questions would sound stupid for you. I have an old decomissioned FAS2 ...read more
Hi, guys!  We have 4-node fas8200 metrocluster, ontap 9.6p5. I'm trying understand how to interpret the output of the "storage disk show" command. I d ...read more
Hi everyone i have issue with mounting of a volume names as bkp01 and error received at database server is "permission denied" i have Netapp 8.1 7 mod ...read more
I have a FAS2220 which has a failed disk and no spare. I'd like to move one of our spare disks from our other shelf as there are two spares there. Is ...read more
We have few v6080 7-mode arrays almost ready for decommission. Looking for help in doing the prerequisite steps to be performed/checked before decommi ...read more
Hello; I want to upgrade my Fas 2240 single Node Cluster from 9.1P15 to 9.1P19.  It seems that the system Image is already on the system:   cluster3:: ...read more
Documentation clearly shows VOLUME encryption isn't supported for FLexGroup volumes until 9.2.   But are FlexGroup volumes supported on NetAppself-enc ...read more
Hi Netapp community,   I am quite new to Netapp and it is not that easy to get to understand which goes with what.   I want to setup a lab for redunda ...read more
Hello,       We have 2 contrillers namely netappctrl1 and netappctrl2 both are FAS3240 connected to DS4246 and DS2243 in HA Pair.  I am seeing an erro ...read more