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Talk and ask questions about NetApp FAS series unified storage systems and V-Series storage virtualization controllers. Discuss with other members how to optimize these powerful data storage systems.

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Hi all,   i have a strech metrocluster composed like that :  - 2 FAS 8020  - 2 DS2246 (24x900)   As this is a "strech", there is no ATTO, only many fi ...read more
Hi,   I have fas9000 running ontap 9.3 . when running cli: vserver vscan on-access-policy show  I see Ploicy name default_CIFS . Is there a way to del ...read more
One of our MetroCluster controllers just threw a "Panic string: Uncorrectable Machine Check Error at CPU2. MC5 Error: STATUS<0xb200000084200e0f>(Val,U ...read more
Hello All,            I have FAS 3240 Cluster and one of the controller is giving me messages that  Netappctrl1 monitor.nvramLowBatteries:alert]: NVRA ...read more
How to List the NFS shares and get the NFS Export details in NetApp Cluster Mode  version 9.1 Onawards.
Hello we are running Ontap 9.2 We are monitoring hardware performance and regularly during the day especially in afternoon hours we see spikes in CPU ...read more
Hi, i have in my test enviroment a FAS2240 single controller with ONTAP 9.1 running.   Now i got a FAS2650 this system i have prepared with the same O ...read more
Hi   I have a FAS2552 which came back from a temporary overseas site about 6 months ago. The config should have been wiped before it shipped, but it w ...read more
We have a FAS2554 at our DR site. When we test our DR and failover our prod site to the DR site we observe almost constant disk utilization being clos ...read more
Hi There,   We have two node FAS8020 and would like to change the IP address - mgmt, all the interfaces on the FAS8020.   Please advise whether this n ...read more