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Talk and ask questions about NetApp FAS series unified storage systems and V-Series storage virtualization controllers. Discuss with other members how to optimize these powerful data storage systems.

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Hello .I have Netapp Fas2020 i made a volume and Lun i have present it to my File Server 2012R2 through the initiator and mounted up .Format it with R ...read more
Need to work up a procedure to move a single large (NFS) volume that resides in non-default vfiler (call it vfiler1)   Note vol move won't be suitable ...read more
Hello Guys, i had an issue with the controller of a FAS3210... since day A reboots, 1,2,3, times then took longer to boot. After review one of the pow ...read more
OpenSSH 7.4 Not Installed Multiple Vulnerabilities Device is a FAS2240-2 Version 8.2.5 7 Is this system vulnerable. Many Linux systems run an older ve ...read more
Hi Experts i need help related to cabling.   Is there any way i can gather cabling information through CLI in CDOT. E.g. i have 4 shelfs in 1 stack an ...read more
Hi All,   I'm just reviewing the FlashCache and FlashPool SE presentation (search for "SE presentation Flash Cache" on Field Portal) and I read that F ...read more
Hello, I am trying to convert an AFF (A300) HA pair of controllers into a FAS8200. We got these nodes really cheap as an add-on to a much larger purch ...read more
Hello All,   We've been receiving some critical "disk shelf fault" alert messages from an older 7-mode v3240 array and after reviewing the environment ...read more
Dear All!    I have a question about CIFS server. When I tried to configure NAS on FAS2620, i cannot create CIFS server in SVM fields required with er ...read more
Hello, Can i convert aggr that is raid type is raid-dp to raid-tec online? or should i turn it off or just create a new aggr?   Thank you for your hel ...read more