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Talk and ask questions about NetApp FAS series unified storage systems and V-Series storage virtualization controllers. Discuss with other members how to optimize these powerful data storage systems.

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I searched about the syslog configuration in the NetApp documentation center and found that the two commands involve syslog. What is the difference be ...read more
Hello everyone!   I have a FAS2040 with two controllers. One of the controllers is booting but the second one is not. It boots straight to BMC Shell. ...read more
Hi there,   I was wondering if anyone knew if any of the FAS2000 series are End of Life or if they still are produced?   thanks if anyone knows.
Hi FAS8080, ONTAP 8.3.1P1 NetApp have expanded an aggregate which was previously solely 900GB disks with 1800GB disks, resulting in an aggregate with ...read more
I'm still pretty new to NetApp so my adventures within the NetApp HWU have not been exactly fruitful. I'm trying to determine what transcievers would ...read more
Hello!On NetApp FAS2750, the following alert is recorded in the logs:   Event:vifmgr.lifs.noredundancy: No redundancy in the failover configuration fo ...read more
Hello! Messages are constantly being recorded in the debug events on FAS2750:    Event: fmmb.disk.io.replyFailed: disk_name="0b.00.4P2", uuid="6000C ...read more
Hello friends   I have a DS2246, which my old manager changed user and password and IP network ports.I try the discovery tool to detect ip, to return ...read more
Hello! There is a NetApp FAS2750 24 HDD (two nodes, Cluster Mode). Accordingly, two aggregations have been created: agg1 at node 1 and aggr2 at node ...read more
Hello!On NepApp FAS2750, I need to create LUNs that will be connected to Windows servers like logical drives.What is the best practice strategy?Create ...read more
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