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Hello everyone,   We are planning to extend the storage capacity of a FAS 2240-2 (Ontap 8.2.4 in 7-Mode) with 4 DS14-MK2-AT shelves.   The FAS 2240-2 ...read more
Dear all community!    I'm a newbie. I have some new Netapp FAS2620 try to convert from Dual Node configure to Single cluster node. But I don't know h ...read more
hi experts,   trying to connect in Centos a lun in the above mentioned storage but getting this : Sat Nov 10 13:25:42 CET [NetApp-A:scsitarget.ispfct. ...read more
Is pass-through authentication on the road map for the ONTAP PowerShell Toolkit? Is it already available and I just don't realize it? Background: I ...read more
HWU lists DS4246 as supported with FAS2720.  However, the controller only has MiniSAS-HD.  Is connecting the DS4246 to the DS212C stack truly supporte ...read more
Who has some X1160A-R6 lying around and wanting to get rid of it. I bought myself a 2240-2 for a home lab , i'm looking now for the 10gb Mezzani card. ...read more
Hi All,   I have a FAS2240a-4 that we converted from 7-mode to cdot.  Everything went fine with the conversion.  We are running ONTAP 9.1P14. The issu ...read more
Hello all, yesterday i am added next shelf DS224-12 with id 20.  Everything is OK, but i am not sure with name of shelves. I see all disks, etc...  se ...read more
Hello .I am new to netapp appliance so here is the question .I have a Fas2020 it was wth CIFS and becasue of the smb1 witch is obsolite i have ben ask ...read more
Good morning everyone,    I have been tasked with looking into expanding the drive space on our FAS2554 storage unit as we are currently running low.  ...read more