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cascading VIFS types :: disruptive/non-disruptive


Hi everyone,


Today, I plan to change our interface config for one of our filers (FAS3070).


Our setup is as following:


8 * 1 GBit Ethernet-Ports



vif create multi multi_master e0a e0b e0c e0d
vif create multi multi_slave e4a e4b e4c e4d
vif create single svif multi_master multi_slave
vif favour multi_master



Now, I want to take down multi_slave due to cabling changes.



Is it non-disruptive to take the "passive" vif multi_slave in this config down?


I've read some information from a NetApp-KB How does load balancing on a VIF work

and think that it should be non-disruptive, because a VIF configured as a single VIF only uses 1 child-interface.


Can anyone confirm this?


I have not found any setup combining 2 multi VIFsto a single VIF. Does anybody have experience with such cascading VIF setups?



Thx 4 any answer,




Re: cascading VIFS types :: disruptive/non-disruptive



in your environment the interface active is only the multi_master. The multi_slave is passive and the workload on that is none.


So feel free to put down all the link on the slave and everthing will be the same.

Also if you put the master, with the slave up, the super-vif will be up because automatically switch to the multi_slave vif.




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Re: cascading VIFS types :: disruptive/non-disruptive


Thank you very much for that information.

It helped me a lot.




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