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fas 270 igroup problem


  Setting up a NetApp Fas270.  Previous owners had 2 heads in the cluster.  Now this NetApp is a standalone device.

  I think the problem I am having, is I need to tell NetApp that its a standalone box.

  Any changes that I am trying to make, ie , add fc initiator groups, etc, give me warnings such as:

  (mapping)  lun map: Cluster partner could not be reached.

  Can someone pleaes help me with this issue?  I am trying to map some fc shelves to vshere 4.1



Re: fas 270 igroup problem

Hello, you removed the cluster licenses?

and at the halt promt CFE> you have to use set_env or "set-env default" that he forget the cluster ID. After this it should be possible to use the System as stand alone.

Contact me when you have Problems.

cheers Soeren