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incorrect failover group on 2552

under risks in system health in autosupport on my FAS2552 running 8.2.2RC1 clustermode I have an alert that says "LIF(s) BCSD-HS-VDI-nfs_lif1 has/have an incorrect failover-group".


BCSD-HS::> net interface show -vserver BCSD-HS-VDI -lif BCSD-HS-VDI_nfs_lif1 -failover

yields failover group "system-defined".

Among the failover targets are e0a and e0b which are not connected to anything. Is this why I'm getting the alert? Does it matter? Should I disable those ports to correct this?



Re: incorrect failover group on 2552

check below links to see if anything wrong:



Creating failover groups

Configuring broadcast domains

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