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install 2nd cpu on FAS3140




We are running two nodes on  IBM N6040 2858-A20 / FAS3140  on 7-Mode

We are interested on installing a second processor on each node and upgrade memory to the maximum possible.


The node has physically the socket for the second processor.

It's an old unit, I cannot any clear information about how to proceed with the upgrade.


Anybody can help?


Re: install 2nd cpu on FAS3140




We usually check with HWU.netapp.com for physical specifications for the controller model(s).


For FAS3140, it appears there is :
One physical processor with two (logical) processing cores for each controller, 2 Physical processor as HA Pair.


Considering this, I don't think there is any scope for second physical processor.


For Memory it's 8GB for HA Pair, so each controller has 4GB maximum.


Spec., attached.


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Re: install 2nd cpu on FAS3140


To add,  i'm speculating that the 6040 and 6070 used the same board.   the 6070 had support for 2.   So even if you were to add a CPU, it might not be recognized by the system model #.   

Re: install 2nd cpu on FAS3140


ONTAP may have a cow if it does work. It's hard coded to use certain configs. Actually, it will have a cow.

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