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interconnect FAS2240 to FAS2554

Dear, i'd like to know , how to connect a FAS2240 C-dot with other FAS2554 C-dot ?


My FAS2240 have 2 port 10GbE for every node 


The new FAS2554 have 4 Port UTA for every node .





Re: interconnect FAS2240 to FAS2554



The supported cluster ports for both systems are


FAS2240 - e1a,e1b

FAS2554 - e0e,e0f






Re: interconnect FAS2240 to FAS2554

Hi Emile,thanks for replay


Now the Fas 2240: the port 10GbE are use for IScsi connection,


when i make a interconnet i use this  ports for IScsi to connect the new FAS2554 ?


If Yes, how to connect the old FAS with IScsi ?


Can I use one port on each node for the iScsi connection and the remaining port for the interconnection?






Re: interconnect FAS2240 to FAS2554

The single CI (cluster Interconnect) topology is supported (but not recommended) on a 2 node switchless configuration.  


In a 4 node configuration you need (2) CN1610 switches.  The cluster network will consume all available 10GB ports on the 2240, and the 1GB data ports will be used for data traffic (iscsi, etc).  The 255x controllers have sufficient ports to support the cluster network and 10GB data traffic concurrently, so those controllers can have 10GB iscsi connections in a 4 node switched configuration.



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Re: interconnect FAS2240 to FAS2554

thanks for the explanation Smiley Happy

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