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low performance disk on Fas2554

We have installed a Fas2554 c-dot 8.3.2 at one of our customers, in addition to performing the function for VMware datastore environment, one of Lun is dedicated to using Veeam Backup of Vm, but the recorded performances are scarce about 50MB/s.

The Fas and VMware hosts are connected together via two Nexus of 10G ports.

We exclude a it's a network issue, we ran tests via Jperf and the transmissionrate from one Host Esxi to other Host Esxi  is at about 8/9 gbit/s.

We did another test using a Qnap and the result turns out to be better than the Netapp.


The result with Qnap is : 130MB/s


Both the Qnap that the Netapp mountain SATA disks.

How i can to run a performance test on netapp discs?






Re: low performance disk on Fas2554

Hi Antonio,


Were you able to resolve this issue?





Re: low performance disk on Fas2554

Hi i don't resolve this problem. 



 I think this performance that I got to be the best I can get with SATA disks .


If you have some idea please share with me .