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lrep_writer very slow


I am trying to baseline a snapvault Relationship between a FAS2040 ( and a FAS2240 (

At the source I successfully used lrep_reader and dumped data to an USB disk.

At the destination, I use lrep_writer from a Windows server on the SAN. While everything seems correct, snapvault status show a very slow progression (<2Mb/s).

I double checked all network setting and verified that my server can upload data to the file at more than 20MB/sec. I also verified that there is no bandwidth limitation on the snapvault Relationship.

Any idea of what could limit my transfer rate ?

thank you all

best regards,


Re: lrep_writer very slow

Is SnapVault compression on or off?

To check enter the command 'options snapvault.ossv.compression'


Nicholas Lee Fagan

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