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map external LUN to a FAS2040


I would like to map an external LUN from an IBM DS5300 Disk System (LSI OEM) to a FAS2040 and use that LUN as a NFS/CIFS sharing through ONTAP.

I did configured 0b FC interface as initiator, did the zoning, did the mapping on Disk System side (as a cluster for the two Netapp controllers), but I see nothing on FAS2040 side, nor found commands to manipulate initiator interfaces.

Is it that possible? How ?


Re: map external LUN to a FAS2040

A FAS is not a storage virtualizer. A vSeries is.

Re: map external LUN to a FAS2040


Even if you manage to fix the initiator issue (as you call it) sharing a LUN over CIFS/NFS will be a waste of time.

A LUN is a file, its meant to be accessed over a SAN protocol. NAs protocols cant read them. You can quickly try and share one of your existing LUNs and see what it does.


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