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netapp 2040

On configuring my netapp system I "tied" 8 disks to one node and 4 to another.

Now I wont to configure the system so that 6 disks were on one node and 6 on another.

How to do this? What are the commands I should use.


netapp 2040


you have to destroy your 8disks aggregat. this can be done with the special boot menue.

you can reinstall there your system with 3 disks, later on you can remove disk ownership from 2 disks of your first node and assign it to your second node.

if you have create once an aggregat with x disks, you can only remove disks from this aggregat if you detroy this one.



Re: netapp 2040

Depending on amount of existing data it may be possible to copy existing volumes onto aggregate on another head before destroying aggregate. Or temporary take all spare and d-parity disks to build aggregate to copy data over.

netapp 2040

I would not have thought that you need to reboot to do this. Is it not possible to offline and delete one of the aggregates (the one without boot volume of course), and then

assign two disks over and start over with the deleted aggregate?

It shouldnt be more intrusive than that. It could be that Im missing out on something that is controller and/or OS specific though.


netapp 2040

Hi Eric

He has two controllers with 8 and 4 disks each, so I doubt that there are any other aggregates then aggr0. In this case it is impossible without reboot.

But he can leave the controller with 4 disks running and only needs to alter the controller with the 8 disks and then he can reassign two of the spares to the still running controller. So it is just a 50% downtime


Re: netapp 2040

Consider of I have  no any valuable data on both systems.

I have two aggregates on first node. eric.barlier: "(the one without boot volume of course)"  Do you mean If I destroy all of them it would  harm my netapp system (I do not use a VM system to boot anything)? What das boot "boot volume"?

So, I deleted one of aggregates, added to the rest aggregate 2 disks and now I have one aggregate with 6 disks and 2 disks in stage "spare" on first node and one aggregate with 3 disks and 1 disk marked "spare" on the second node. How could I reed of these 2 disks from first node to attach them to the second node.