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netapp ds2246


Good night I would like some help I have this equipment they offered me I've already searched the net to see if it's possible for me to configure it as a nas but I can't give me this error I appreciate whoever can help me thank you netapp ds2246 thx


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Re: netapp ds2246


Hi there!


DS2246 is either a disk shelf, or a chassis name - If there are ONLY 4 x ethernet ports and 4 x rectangle ports (or two lots of 2 x ethernet and 2 x rectangle) on the back of the unit, with parts labelled "IOM 6", it is a disk shelf and requires a SAS HBA and cables to connect to a server to use. There is no configuration on the unit itself. 


The other option is that it is a DS2246 with a controller in it, however based on your DHCP error, it is probably the first one.


In either case however, this is outside the scope of what we can assist with here. Have a look on reddit at /r/netapp or /r/homelab



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Re: netapp ds2246

Good afternoon, I'm going to buy this card weight to be compatible with equipment I would appreciate it given my 
ignorance if I had any step by step what better system to install Windows I already have cables to access the DS2246
disks I appreciate your cooperation thank you so much, I'm sorry any error because I use google translator


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