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poor performance Netapp FAS 3140



I have the problem, that I have a really poor performance on my netapp fas 3140 HA Cluster.

In the attachement you can see the sysstat extract.

Are there any other commands to figure out the problem?

The worst is when I'm doing Storage vMotion or copy big files and folders to the netapp.

Thank you for your help.



Re: poor performance Netapp FAS 3140


Not much to be going on with here, but at a quick glance your disks look busy (Disk Util) and you're in consistency points most of the time (CP Time), so I'd guess you've not got enough disks.  However, you also have around 2X the amount of data being read from disk as you have going out the network.  If I was a betting man I'd say you've got your VM's are misaligned (check with mbrscan, etc), which in turn is driving your disks too hard.  Check block alignment, and consider more or faster disks.

Hope that helps,


Re: poor performance Netapp FAS 3140


Thank you for your answer.

We have about 40% free space on the netapp.

But I will check, if my VMs are misaligned.


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