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quota for specific users




I have limited quota for 100GB in vol1 for all users. Now in same volume i have provide quota limit 500GB for two users. So how can i do that ? Indivially i can defined for each user but we have so many users. we have FAS 3220 and running in ontap 8.1.4 7 mode. Please guide me


Re: quota for specific users




You can use default quotas to apply a quota to all instances of a given quota type. For example, a default user quota affects all users on the system for the specified volume.


You use explicit quotas to specify a quota for a specific quota target, or to override a default quota for a specific target.


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Re: quota for specific users


Hi Sahana,


Just edited quota file from editor and added last line mannually still it is not taking effect any command has to run to take effect? The way i did is right or i need to foolow other way?


#Auto-generated by setup Mon Apr 18 22:29:43 GMT 2016
*       user@/vol/home2 104857600K      -       101711872K      99614720K       -
*       user@/vol/home1 104857600K      -       99614720K       99614720K       -
suresh  user@/vol/home1 504857600K      -       45000000K       45000000K       -

Re: quota for specific users


Hi @SagarDH


Its better to use system manager GUI for quotas.

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