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rebooting shelf


I have a MPHA cluster. recently added a new DS4243 shelf. I have not assigned the disks to any node.This is the last shelf on the stack.

While adding the shelf I got into a Shelf ID conflict and need to reboot the shelf to clear it.

Question: If I power off the shelf in this current config and reboot, what will be the consequences. Is ONTAP going to panic/failover etc?or my problem will be solved(shelf boot up with correct ID) with out rebooting the the entire shelves and controllers. If anybody has any experience, please like me know. Thanks in advance.


Re: rebooting shelf


The official support answer is there is no hot removal of shelves...so the controllers must be halted or in maintenance mode... often it works with no problem when disks are not assigned but there is a risk of controller panic with hot removal.  To be safe the only way is to have a maintenance window.  I would open a case to confirm there still is no hot removal procedure.

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