rights for quota management?


Would like to create a role/group for quota management for helpdesk and such - without giving full admin rights to FAS box.. is that possible? what right are needed and how to make this happen? Running ONTAP802P5 7mode.



Re: rights for quota management?


So you would have a windows or linux user for helpdesk. While you are creating a user quota you provide that user and set the quota rule on volume for that user. The user you create in ONTAP should match the windows or linux user. (The UID, GID should be same).



Re: rights for quota management?

I didn't meant that..

I want that our helpdesk personnel could manage (create, modify) quotas for our endusers - but I don't want to give helpdesk full admin rights to NetApp management - can I somehow give them only rights to quota management functions?