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securely wiping old shelves and disks


Hi all,

We're upgrading our system soon, entirely new head and shelves. We have some old DSMk2 FC shelves that I will need to get rid of. What's the most secure way for me to wipe the data that's on those a disks? We would likely have them destroyed anyway, but I would like to securely wipe them before they go out the door.


Re: securely wiping old shelves and disks


How securely do you want these erased? I think you can you delete the aggregate they're part of, make them spares, then run "zero disk spares"...

Re: securely wiping old shelves and disks


Search for the term "disk sanitization" on the library or support websites.  This is a way of securely erasing all the data on a disk drive by overwriting each block.  You can run it with various options depending on your requirements and these might be OS version dependant which is why I haven't inluded a specific link.






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