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updating disk qualification package

Hey !

we just received new discs for our fas 3020. ontap 7.2.2 installed. there was a note to be sure to update to the latest disk qualification packages before installing the drives. i never done that Smiley Happy

i checked the datecode from the file, but there is none

toaster> rdfile /etc/qual_devices_v2   (7.2.1, 7.2.2, 7.2.3)
   # This file is auto generated by the script file.
   # Copyright (c) 2000 Network Appliance, Inc.
   # All rights reserved.
   # Datecode: 20071018

The header of the file contains a datecode. If your datecode is less than 20071018, you should download and install the latest version of the Disk Qualification Package.

should i update anyway ? any danger ? why is there no datecode on my 2 filers ? Smiley Happy


Re: updating disk qualification package

Did you post this to both forums? Think the answer is now on the public forum site.

Re: updating disk qualification package

You should uopdate it.

Re: updating disk qualification package


always update disk qualification packages

Re: updating disk qualification package

You should always make sure this file is up to date.  Especially when adding new disks to a filer with older versions of DOT.  Newer releases of DOT will ship with current Disk Qual Packages but you must keep your older filers up to date so they recognise newer disks.