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vol language POSIX at 3 different locations???



we are currently running a netapp FAS3040c and vol language is set to POSIX. Never had problems with that so far. The filer is located in germany. Now we have purched two more filers for France and UK. Is best practice to set the two new filers to POSIX as well or should I change the vol language on all filers individually to match their location?


Germany -> de.UTF-8

France -> fr.UTF-8

UK -> en.UTF-8

The thing is we want to use snapmirror across the systems in the future and I'm not sure if the vol lang will cause any trouble with this.




Re: vol language POSIX at 3 different locations???


POSIX will work well for most environments.

It's only when foreign characters in filenames cause you problems that you might change the language for a volume.

Language settings will not affect your Snapmirror transfers.

I hope this response has been helpful to you.

At your service,

Eugene Kashpureff
NetAppU Instructor and Independent Consultant
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