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Hi All,   I'm attempting to replace the certificate for the IMPI on our H615C servers, however all combination I've tried are failing with either inva ...read more
“Building a good customer experience does not happen by accident. It happens by design” by Clare Muscutt.   FlexPod is an industry leading converged i ...read more
Hi,   can we download a trial version of NetApp Active IQ Config Advisor if exist .   When i try to download it it display that there is 0 tools.   Th ...read more
Hi,  first of all I'm new on Netapp, that's why some of my questions will seem a little vague Can we use a default vlan of switch (vlan 100) for all t ...read more
Hi,   since BIOS update i got this message and the message i get every time when i reboot the system:     During research i found this: Error after B ...read more
I am currently running CSA Appliance verion 1907 and I see 4.1 just recently came out.  Is there no way to upgrade the appliance without redeploying i ...read more
Looking around but unable to find any information on leveraging Windows Dedup and compression on a Windows file server VM hosted on VMware 6.7.  The d ...read more
Hi,   we will purchase a netapp HCI 4 x 4 (4 compute nodes and 4 storage nodes) and we want to know if the solution come with preconfigured switches ( ...read more
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