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FAS2720 Product Number



I am trying to raise a support call with but cannot find the product number of our FAS2720.  Any ideas where I might find this?


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Many Thanks


Re: FAS2720 Product Number

serial number:    


Cluster::> node show -fields serialnumber


it's also physically printed on the box.  


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Re: FAS2720 Product Number

Thanks for clearing that up for me.  I am new to NetApp storage so still trying to grasp all the components and what they reference.  Is the product number basically the SN of any of the nodes?


Re: FAS2720 Product Number

i've seen it referred to as a "product serial number" before.  but that's what you will need to open a ticket.  


You should also be able to see the system when you login in to and Active IQ (AutoSupport)   


If you don't see the system there either,   I would work with your rep and or support to make sure that you can. 

Check out the KB!
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