A Customer is Worth a Thousand Words

You are reading this blog about media and entertainment storage solutions on a NetApp website. Your expectations are that I am going to promote our NetApp products (and you’re right).  Go to a competitor’s website and, no surprise, they’re promoting THEIR products.  We all say that each one of us is the best for you, so that’s really no help.

If you were going to buy a new TV, you might try to find someone who had already bought that model so you could ask them about their purchase.  Why?  Because they will probably be honest with you and tell you they either made a great purchase or a big mistake.

Talking to your peers to get their opinions on a particular vendor is a way of life in our business. That’s what makes launching a new product or new technology so difficult in media; trying to find the first customer. Most of us can’t take the chance of making a big mistake.  We might be a huge industry, but we seem to all know each other and bad news travels fast. They call these, “Career Limiting Decisions.”

So how do you find real users of a vendor’s products.  That’s easy. If the products are good, the vendor will bring those customers to you.  That’s what we’re doing at NAB 2014.  We have asked some of our customers at industry leading businesses to answer your questions about what it’s like to trust NetApp to critical workflows.

For example, Russ Trainor is the Vice President of Information Technology at the Denver Broncos. He will be in our NAB booth (SL9510) on Monday at 3:15pm and again on Tuesday at 10:30am to tell people about his experience with NetApp (and yes, it’s a great experience).  So what?  What do the Denver Broncos have to do with video content?  Plenty!

The Broncos have advanced their systems of training for their coaching staff and their players way beyond what other NFL teams are doing.  They take in game footage from every NFL game (multi-camera feeds) during the season and ingest it into their NetApp storage.  From there, the footage is cut into play clips, tagged with metadata, transcoded and made available to every player and coach across internal networks and across a VPN so their players can check out another team while at home.  They also use this footage to update their playbooks and game plans, which drive the strategy for winning against their opponents.

Let’s break that down again. They use NetApp for video ingest, editing, metadata tagging, transcoding, and distribution.  They also use it as the backbone of their playbook (similar to scripting) and strategy (similar to scheduling).  Sounds like your business, doesn’t it?  And, by the way, they never erase ANY content once it’s in the system, so they have to be able to grow the storage without performance degredataion.

We also know that the M&E industry isn’t only about selling content. It’s about creating the solutions that enable the new business models to work.  We’ll also tell a story about how NVIDIA had a progress limiting problem with their legacy storage vendor that was completely eliminated by changing to NetApp.  Chances are, if it wasn’t for NetApp, you would not have the choices in GPUs and graphics cards that you have today from the industry leader, NVIDIA.   Stop by the booth and find out how we helped them become even more successful, especially if you, too, are trying to build innovation solutions for your M&E customers.

Of course, we’ll be tooting our own horn (naturally), but it’s always nice to hear from someone like you who had to solve a problem and achieved great results from their solution provider.