April 2015 GovDataDownload Round Up



We hope you enjoy the April 2015 GovDataDownload newsletter, brought to you by NetApp U.S. Public Sector.


GovDataDownload is an online publication that discusses how government agencies and educational institutions can leverage transformative technologies in the cloud, data centers, for data management and analysis, to better meet their missions and serve their constituents.  Each month the GovDataDownload newsletter brings you expert insight, innovative solutions, and the latest information about technology developments, specifically tailored to public sector IT personnel.


This month’s newsletter features: an interview with NetApp’s Matt Lawson about virtualization and student information systems, a link to a valuable report about cloud in government, an article by NetApp’s Spencer Hamons about using and storing healthcare data, and an introduction to a CIO article about how the California Natural Resource Agency uses data to fight fires.


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Virtualization Bolsters Student Information Systems for Improved Efficiency and User Experience: A Q&A with NetApp’s Matt Lawson

In this interview, Matt Lawson, Principal Architect at NetApp, shares the latest trends in infrastructures for student information systems (SIS) and what administrators are looking for as more and more institutions recognize the value of virtualization and cloud-based systems.  Topics include: the challenges of data conversion, keeping information secure, and SIS trends for the future.


How Cloud is Reinventing Government

This link gives you access to “How Cloud is Reinventing Government,” a report designed to help you understand how cloud computing can transform your agency. Across the government, agencies are building cloud infrastructures that efficiently and effectively deliver services to citizens and transform the business of government. This GovLoop guide provides an in-depth look at cloud with the goal of demystifying the technology.


Is Your Organization Data Rich but Information Poor?  Insights from the Healthcare Sector

In this article Spencer Hamons, the regional chief information officer for the NetApp Americas Healthcare Division, describes how healthcare organizations are often swimming in data they are not sure how to use.  These organizations can ensure they are making the best use of their resources by engaging a data scientist to transform endless quantities of “data” into “information” and eventually “knowledge.”  Hamons gives a number of valuable tips on how organizations can ensure their precious data is stored and protected.


Fighting Fire with Data- The California Natural Resources Agency Uses IT to Win the Fight Against Wildfires

A recent article in CIO highlights ways in which state agencies are leveraging myriad data points available to develop more comprehensive firefighting plans and streamline support logistics to give firefighters every advantage against the unpredictability of wildfires. Tim Garza, director of IT for the California Natural Resources Agency, has developed a systematic plan for how data can be used to make sure firefighters in the field have the information they need. From open source data gathering that helps firefighters learn about fire patterns to ensuring data availability both at headquarters and in the field, Garza has made data as fundamental to fighting fires as water.