August 2015 GovDataDownload Round Up

This month's round up features Jeff Baxter, NetApp chief technology officer, Americas, discussing how the Office of Veterans Affairs uses "data center in a box" solutions. We also offer an introduction to a survey about the hybrid cloud by the Center for Digital Government. Tom Rascon, NetApp chief technology officer for the Department of Defense and Intelligence, explains the data fabric. Meghan Steele, NetApp district manager, Army, discusses TechNet Augusta.

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Demystifying the Data Fabric: Tom Rascon Explains AllThe data fabric is a term that IT vendors use often, but most don't define what it is and explain the performance benefits it brings to and the impact it has on agencies. Fear not! Tom is here to explain all. 


Data Management with a Data Fabric Enables Secure, Efficient Patient CareWhen discussing success stories in recent Health IT programs, Jeff Baxter, NetApp CTO, Americas, shared that the Office of Veterans Affairs has seen great success with "data center in a box" solutions. Jeff revealed that these solutions, with scalable cloud options such as the NetApp® Data ONTAP® 8.3 operating system, "simplify operations and get us out of the habit of having to set everything up…really let[ting] us focus more on higher-level analytics."

Optimizing the Hybrid Cloud: Advice for State and Local GovernmentsWith investment in cloud services listed as number-2 on NASCIO's top-10 IT investments list for 2015, now is a great time to start a conversation about the possibilities of hybrid cloud solutions. In a recent survey by the Center for Digital Government, over 41% of respondents saw the hybrid cloud as the best option for their agency.
TechNet Augusta 2015: A Time to Talk, Listen, Learn, and PlanTechNet Augusta is one of the largest military-focused IT events held in the United States. NetApp's Meghan Steele, district manager, Army, sees the event as a great opportunity to connect with military personnel, especially Army Signal leaders, soldiers, civilians, and contractors from across the country. NetApp understands their perspectives on what is working in their IT environment and where they need the most help—not just immediately, but as part of their three- to five-year planning cycle. Because everyone goes to TechNet Augusta—top brass, hands-on IT personnel, and IT partners—the event provides a unique opportunity to sit down and share ideas. It also provides an opportunity to align priorities and develop solutions that address tactical and strategic goals both for now and in the future.


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