Big Data - A Gold Mine of Information

Big data is a huge opportunity for the Federal government; it’s also a big challenge. Many organizations are talking about big data and how it relates to helping and solving problems throughout the Federal government.  We went out and talked to a lot of the big thinkers in the government to find out what they're doing about big data.  What we found was that they are focused on data analytics and mining the data.  That's great, and it’s the results you're looking for. But they're not addressing two of the other big challenges of the amount of data there to be seen, and that is BIG bandwidth and BIG content.

When we talk about big bandwidth what we’re talking about is the amount of data that we all know is going to exponentially grow today and in the future. The question is, “Do they have the systems to be able to grab that data, lay it out, protect it and keep it?”

And for content, “Where can they put this data and how can they get it to the right customers at the right time?” Those are two other key areas of big data that we all need to be addressing and helping our customers solve.

What we do know is the current infrastructure to solve the big data problem today or in the future is not the right one.  We all have to address the infrastructure we have and how we fix it and get it so we can ingest and utilize this great asset, called data.  It is a gold mine of information--the challenge is, how do we get the gold out of the data?

Mark Weber

President, NetApp U.S. Public Sector

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