Bipartisan IT Security – Coming Together to Pass a Comprehensive IT Security Plan

In this challenging fiscal climate of continuing resolution, debt ceilings, and government shutdowns, our country is hyper focused on the ability of our elected officials to reach across the aisle and come to a compromise.

At a micro scale, we can draw similarities between the partisan nature of our elected officials and the polarization between enterprise IT and IT security. At a fundamental level enterprise IT and IT security are at odds over the need to provide access and the need for security.

Our customers cannot afford to let the views of one group dominate the IT policy of the organization. Otherwise, IT will plug the Internet directly into the database server, and shortly thereafter security will unplug the organization from the Internet! There must be compromise!

I talk with a lot of customers in my role and what I often find is the enterprise IT group rarely coordinates with IT security. As government agencies look towards cloud environments, BYOD, and even continuous monitoring, enterprise IT and IT security will need to coordinate more than ever.

There has been a lot of debate recently over the role of the CISO and it is apparent to me that we need strong leadership to unite the IT organization. As technology, security and the need for access drive a wedge between enterprise IT and IT security, we look to our CISOs, CTOs, CIOs and other IT leaders to promote a bi-partisan IT environment with a balanced, comprehensive IT plan.

Lee Vorthman, CTO, Civilian Agencies, NetApp U.S. Public Sector


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