Cloud Considerations Beyond the Hype: What to Consider on your Move to the Cloud

Government agencies know that cloud technology offers many benefits and cost saving, but many are still grappling with how to move to the cloud, which cloud, and how to keep their data secure.

In a recent Digital Government Institute webinar, Kirk Kern of NetApp and Brett McMillan of Amazon Web Services (AWS) outline how government agencies can:

  • Control the security of data moving in and out of the cloud
  • Meet compliance requirements using the cloud
  • Identify which cloud platform works best for your agency

Kern said that the role of today’s IT services has moved from one of building and operating to one of brokering IT services and outlines other elements of the “new normal” for IT, including moving from owning IT to operating it and from complex technology to simple products.

He also shared that a successful cloud starts with the agency’s strategy in mind. Agencies need to evaluate their IT services and practices to determine whether they should utilize a public, private or hybrid model.

McMillan said that AWS has seen an increase in the rate of cloud adoption by federal agencies and that today’s cloud service model is a better service model for agencies and their missions than other models.

He also explained the five most common cloud strategies:

  • Cloud for development and test environment
  • Building new applications in the cloud
  • Using the cloud to make on-premises apps better
  • Cloud apps that integrate with on-premise apps
  • Migrate existing apps to the cloud
  • All-in customers who understand that their mission is not to run a data center

Listen to the entire Cloud Considerations Beyond the Hype: What to Consider on your Move to the Cloud webinar here.