Cloud Takeoff: What’s Holding Feds Back?



In 2010, MeriTalk asked Feds: how long will it take your agency to move to cloud-based computing as your primary processing environment? Their answer? 62% of Feds said within five years.


So now ... five years later … where are we?


Despite potential government-wide savings of $18.9 billion annually, only 41 percent of Feds say their agency is considering cloud as part of its overall IT strategy. Faced with increasing security risks, data management challenges, and a lack of clarity on the path to procurement, Federal agencies are slow to adopt cloud solutions. How do we address Feds mounting concerns and enable a safe and smooth cloud takeoff?


MeriTalk, sponsored by IronBow and NetApp, surveyed Federal executives to find out why some agencies are stuck on the runway when it comes to cloud migration, while others are in cloud flight. Download "Cloud Takeoff" to examine:

  • The current state of cloud computing in the Federal government
  • Federal executives' leading challenges and concerns regarding cloud adoption
  • Potential cost opportunities quantified by implementing cloud solutions
  • What Federal agencies can do to successfully migrate to the cloud

What’s holding agencies back? Find out why some are stuck on the runway while others are headed for the Cloud. Download this infographic now.