Cloud is Trending: Moving Beyond Buzz to Revenue

buzz.JPGIn a recent article in Washington Technology, Rob Stein, Vice President of U.S. public sector at NetApp, asks a provocative question: can we move beyond the trendiness surrounding new technologies from buzzy speech to action that produces revenue and agency efficiency?


Stein says: “Cloud computing, big data, and bring your own device rhetoric dominated in the public sector well before strong demand existed for related products and services…the hype nonetheless can obscure the true impact that these technologies have on agency efficiency, productivity, and cost savings.”


He goes on to contend that there are four new technologies that have the potential to shift from conversational curiosity to “widespread adoption if government contractors and federal IT providers can effectively communicate the benefits these technologies can deliver.”


The top four:

  1. The Internet of Things (IoT)
  2. Hybrid cloud deployments
  3. Acquisition of services
  4. Software defined storage (SDS)


According to Stein, all four have the potential to greatly increase efficiency for public sector agencies. For example, in 2014, cloud was the conversation we were all having. However, in 2015, we will see cloud adoption explode. As Stein shares, “2015 is poised to be…when cloud evolves from a point solution to…a true piece of shared infrastructure.”


Is your agency ready to move the conversation beyond buzz and turn it into “tangible use cases and revenues?”


To read Rob’s full article and see how your agency can move from talk to action, click here.